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Highest Recommendations

The Great American Pin-Up (Jumbo Series) by Charles G. Martignette, Louis K. Meisel

They've been exciting generations of men, on calendars and covers, as centrefolds or even on playing cards: pin-ups. What started as an exercise in oils was soon taken up in various media - pin-up mascots graced the fuselages of American fighters, and became an essential feature of the male world of garages and barracks. And the age of political correctness hasn't ended their appeal.

This book tells the tale of a genre as utterly American as the paintings of Edward Hopper, describing its origins and development in detail and showcasing the most important artists. With over 900 illustrations, The Great American Pin-Up is one of the first comprehensive studies of the genre to appear anywhere.

This book gets my highest recommendation! Mr Meisel was kind enough to give his approval of this site. If you are ever in SoHo, do yourself a favor and look up his gallery. If you're in luck, he'll be exhibiting some original pin-up artwork!

Elvgren : His Life & Art Limited Edition of 1950
by Max Allan Collins, Drake Elvgren

Winner of the 1999 Editor's Choice Award by The Independent Publisher's Association.

Gil Elvgren has been called the "Norman Rockwell of cheesecake," a fitting designation for one of the finest American illustrators. Had Elvgren not fallen into creating "pretty girl" calendar and advertising art, he might have earned a reputation to rival Rockwell's as a painter of idyllic images of family life. Probably it is for the best that Elvgren's career had so limited a focus. Certainly, several generations of American men who have admired Elvgren's glowingly gorgeous women would not regret the artist's choice of subject matter.

Drake Elvgren has made exclusive to Collectors Press his father's complete personal archive. Bursting at the seams are meticulously choreographed photos of Elvgren's real-life models posing for Brown & Bigelow pin-ups and advertising works for Coca-Cola, Serta Mattress, NAPA, and many more. Included are transparent pages of models posing, overlaying the finished piece for comparison. A fascinating, first-hand approach to the genius of Elvgren's technique.

Gil Elvgren: All His Glamorous American Pin-Ups (Jumbo) by Charles G. Martignette, Louis K. Meisel

Post-depression USA was in desperate need of a defining iconography that would lift it out of the black and white doldrums, and it came in the form of Gil Elvgren's technicolor fantasies of the American dream. From the Forties to the Sixties his painted adverts and posters for, among others, Coca-Cola and Pangburn's Chocolates, as well as the long-running Brown and Bigelow calendars, were a bright red white and blue account of the country's aspirations and hopes.

As the country plunged into war Elvgren provided the troops with pin-up girls galore. His technique involved photographing models and then painting them into gorgeous hyper-reality, with longer legs, more flamboyant hair and gravity-defying busts, and in the process making them the perfect moral-boosting eye-candy for every homesick private.

Elvgren defined the classic "pop" vision of Americana, a bold visualisation that has been endlessly appropriated and recycled in advertising, TV, film and art. His style is instantly recognisable. Dubbed "The Norman Rockwell of cheesecake", Elvgren's images combine desire for a better life with nostalgia for the nation's innocent apple-pie past.

The Best of Gil Elvgren by Reid Stewart Austin

For the first time, Brown & Bigelow, the renowned calendar printer presents, "The Best of Gil Elvgren" poster book. This exceptional collection of calendar images exemplifies why Gil Elvgren is considered the master of pinup art. This poster book is offered as the first in a collector's series. Printed full color.

Pin-Up Dreams: The Glamour Art of Rolf Armstrong by Janet Dobson, Michael Wooldridge

Rolf Armstrong's luminous portraits of famous actresses and idealized girls-next-door made him one of the highest paid commercial artists in America. Widely considered the 'Father of Pin-Up Artists,' his first calendar pin-up, created in 1919, defined the vision of feminine beauty for the next forty years. Today, the very same characteristics that defined Armstrong's art in the first place: grace, vibrancy, and an indescribable lifelike quality, are attracting a growing number of modern art devotees everywhere.

For the Boys : The Racy Pin-Ups of World War II by Max Allan Collins

The First-Ever Book Devoted Exclusively to Pin-Ups and the War

For the Boys is a profusely illustrated scrapbook of World War II pin-up memorabilia. Over 500 color images showcase nosecone art, postcards, pin-up calendars, cartoons, matchbooks, and playing cards sent from the homefront to boost morale. There's even an events calendar chronicling the progress of the war.

The lively text chronicles the story of the pin-up girl in World War II - from such Hollywood movie goddesses as Betty Grable and Rita Hayworth, to the fabulous dream girls of calendar artists like Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas.

Join us on this sentimental reminder of the all-American good life these GIs were fighting for.

Rolf Armstrong: The Dream Girls (Vignettes) by Ben Stevens, et al

Widely considered to be the "Father of Pin-Up Artists," Rolf Armstrong's first calendar pin-up, "Dream Girl" in 1919, defined the vision of feminine beauty, which dominated the genre for the next four decades. Armstrong's legions of admirers continue to grow.

Betty Page Confidential by Stan Corwin Productions, Bunny Yeager (Photographer)

Curvaceous, friendly and wholesome-looking, Playboy pinup Betty Page was the perfect compliment to the still-innocent fantasies of young men during the Eisenower years. Betty Page Confidential includes a biography of the reclusive goddess, an official Betty Page trivia quiz and 100 photos.

The Pin-Up: A Modest History, by Mark Gabor

As I mentioned previously in the credits page, There's some good historical information in here, although the pages are mostly black and white photography and the color reproductions are of poor quality.

Military Pin-Up Kit Gil Elvgren by Gil Elvgren

The Military Pin-Up Kit by Gil Elvgren Artist Gil Elvgren (1914-1980) was lesser known than George Petty and Alberto Varga of Esquire magazine pin-up fame, though he was the most widely published pin-up calendar artist during World War II. Known for his depictions of wholesome girls-next-door, he was also a master at placing girls in precarious situations that always managed to lift their skirts.

Military Pin-Up Kits

Military Pin-Up Kit Earl Moran by Earl Moran

During World War II, nothing boosted morale like a pin-up girl. From barracks to bars, these scantily clad lasses were common décor virtually everywhere GIs congregated. Each Military Pin-Up Kit contains eight authentic pin-up reproductions, four pin-up postcards, and a glamorous 21-inch poster—all contained in a nifty self-mailer ready to inspire that retro man of today.

Click 1-3 by Milo Manara

This is the most popular series ever created by Manara, with gorgeous, erotic art and an unusual, captivating story. In the end, is the device really working or has she learned to enjoy her sexuality? Find out here, and in the two sequels to the original stand-alone graphic novel.

Indian Summer by Milo Manara, Hugo Pratt

A story of the first settling of America, as 17th-century Puritans clash with savage Indians. Swept into rape and violence is (naturally) a beautiful white girl, and Manara produces his usual selection of eroticism with an independent Puritan "witch," a beautiful Indian girl, an Indian/white woman rape, all blended into a realistic historical adventure. An excellent collaboration of two giants of European graphic storytelling.

Gullivera by Milo Manara

Jonathan Swift's classic takes a naughty turn when guided by the erotic sense and exquisite artwork of Manara! Gullivera becomes a voluptuous pirate, then a naked giant in Lilliput, then a tiny elf, and finally is captured on a flying island by a horny band of girls...into s&m! Nicely drawn erotica.