Rudolph Belarski

Belarski began work at the age of twelve as a slate picker for a Pennsylvania coal company. A picture he drew on a wall was seen by one of his bosses, who was so impressed that he gave the young man the job of painting safely posters. Almost entirely self-taught as a painter, Belarski worked his way through the Pratt Institute while working as a waiter and sign painter. His remarkable versatility as an artist can be seen in the range of his published work in pulp magazines: his exciting paintings appeared on the covers of Thrilling Wonder Stories, Wings, and War Birds, as well as The Phantom Detective, Mystery Book, Argosy, and Western Round-Up. In 1948, Belarski took his talents to the world of mass-market paperback publishing, creating dozens of covers for the Popular Library, and influencing the look of the entire industry. In 1957, he joined the staff of the Famous Artists School, and left the hectic world of freelance art.