Enoch Bolles

While he has achieved a laudable amount of latter day fame, Enoch Bolles remains largely a figure of mystery. He apparently ended his days in an insane asylum, where he "improved" on his wonderful canvases by adding such touches as jagged jewelry and hovering phalluses.

It's more pleasant to peruse Francis Smilby's wonderful book Stolen Sweets (1981, Playboy Press), and Robert A. Brown's two Spicy card sets (Kitchen Sink Press), all of which brim with wonderful images of exuberant Bolles girls.

Sleek, naughty, these flapper-style dolls, with their bee-stung lips and voluptuous figures, lounge in lingerie and other unlikely forms of sex-fantasy dress-up.

Bolles was a genius, and his oils reveal an artistry second to none in the pin-up genre.

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