Carlos Cartagena

Carlos came to the United States in 1981 when he was 21 years old to pursue his dreams. He worked a variety of jobs before finally landing a job as an Artist. At the age of 30, after teaching himself how to use the airbrush and traditional brush techniques, he got a job as a commercial sign painter. It was not long before his techniques were perfected.

Next Carlos set his sights on the highly specialized world of pin-up art. Although beautiful women are perhaps on of the most difficult themes to paint, Carlos was not intimidated. In the past four years, Carlos has risen to the top of a very competitive field. His drive for perfection guarantees there is more to see in the near future. As Carlos puts it, "Talent is a result of passion, dedication, and endless hours of work, rather than something that you are born with, or in other words: Burning desire plus hours of work equals skill"