Copyright Info

I've been writing on-line for a few years now, ever since I opened a one line BBS back in the early '90s. I've worked long and hard trying to distill my knowledge and research on pin-ups into succinct passages with relevant and entertaining citations. Some of what I've written here and elsewhere has been appropriated without my permission. Once something is 'out there' on-line, it is very difficult to maintain control of it. Just ask the recording and entertainment industries.

Which brings me to mutoworld and my conscious use of other's people's work.

As I indicate on my credit page, I have attempted to give due in the form of a link to the original's author's site for every page I have appropriated. The reasons I have willfully engaged in direct quotations are twofold: I like maintaining a distinct 'look and feel' to mutoworld. Opening external sites in frames or windows is an unappealing option. Furthermore, I have been greatly frustrated by sites that have vanished without a trace. During this latest rewrite of the site, I find more than 90% of my sources unavialable. While I don't pretend to have the noble goal of preserving the wisdom of the ages, I would like visitors to have an enjoyable experience here and so I have searched out what I consider only the best biographies and images I could find.

I've listed my email address and instructions to contact me if I've stepped on any toes. I have been contacted on several occasions. Louis Meisel, the author of the indispensable 'Great American Pin-Up Book' has graced me with his blessings. Olivia De Berardinis' legal staff has issued explicit instructions on how I might display her work. I have attempted to contact authors to request their permissions. If one of the Baywatch babes doesn't want to be included in a gallery, so be it. Most have given approval, which is a good thing all around. The web is a dynamic medium and more links to more places means we can all enjoy the relationships between sites according to our personal interests.

It is not my intent to get rich and famous from Mutoworld. I have spent hundreds of hours here gladly, persuing subjects that interest me. If they interest you too, all I ask is you consider a purchase from my Amazon page.