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Legal Notice:

This website contains images by Gil Elvgren, Rolf Armstrong, Earl Moran and Zoe Mozert which are copyrighted by Brown & Bigelow, Inc.

If you are interested in licensing rights to reproduce works by these artists, please direct inquiries to:

Licensing Manager

Brown & Bigelow
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Many of the other images are likewise protected by law. I am not a resource in this regards and there would be no substitute for professional guidance.

The primary source of printed information has come from two books:

'The Great American Pin-Up', Martignette and Meisel, Taschen, 1996. This book gets my highest recommendation! (Mr Meisel was kind enough to give his approval of this site)

'Elvgren - His Life & Art', Collins and Elvgren, Collector's Press, 1998 for some insights from Gil's son, Drake.

Some additional information was provided by the collector's periodical The Wrapper, issues 113 and 137.

The Moran article was taken from The Illustrator Collectors News.

If you need nice archival-quality poly bags for your collectables, check out my source: Bags Unlimited Inc. I use them for my cards, lithographs and more.

Under each biographical secion, I have tried to include a link to the original source. I apologize in advance if I have stepped on any legal toes. Should anyone wish to have their materials removed from MutoWorld, please check this page and email me.

I'd like to give thanks to some of the kind folks who have helped me out on this adventure. I don't want to offend anyone by forgetting to give due credit. You know who you are and this site is as much your doing as mine.

If you have any feedback about the site, I urge you to contact me. If you would like to be informed about any new Mutoscope developments, historical tidbits or updates to this site, please write me. Your email address will never be used for any other purposes other than in connection with this site.

I would be remiss if I didn't give thanks to those who made my life as a webmaster easier. For the OpenSource gallery, I thank all those who worked on the Coppermine Photo Album. Thanks to the collector community who have supported me in pulling this resource together. Thanks to Jeff, who hosted this site and has offered invaluable help over the years I've known him. And a special thanks to my wife, Pam, the most beautiful pin-up in the world.