Jennifer Janesko

As a fine artist, Jennifer Janesko focuses her attention on the female form. Her women possess an alluring energy. Each has a distinctive personality, yet all possess an honest sensuality.

High contrast and sharp direction are the two elements that form the basis of her art. Jennifer chooses certain parts of the figure to create movement and flow, which allows the viewer to feel the strength and energy of the figure. Jennifer applies her skill for fashion design to each piece, giving every woman her own personal sensuality. As an added effect, Jennifer often uses metallic gold and silver on selected areas of clothing and accessories. The hard, reflective metallic leaf sharply contrasts with the soft skin and flowing hair to create a dramatic effect.

Jennifer began attending art classes at the Kansas City Art Institute while still in high school. Upon graduation from high school, Jennifer spent a year at the Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus, Ohio. She then spent the next two and a half years at Stephens College in Columbia, Missouri where she graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in December 1989. Jennifer has been working as a full time freelance artist since that time.

Jennifer's distinctive pieces are created by airbrushing watercolors and inks on to illustration board or canvas. Intricate details and colored backgrounds are then added by hand. Janesko originals range in size from 30" x 40" to 40" x 60" on board. Larger paintings are done on canvas. The large canvas pieces are most often present at her gallery showings, or on special request of the client.

Jennifer Janesko's distinctive art is quickly achieving national and international recognition. Her work has been featured at Art Expo, held in New York, Los Angeles and Las Vegas and Glamourcon in LA and Chicago. In addition, her art has been shown in cities across the country including Kansas City, Las Vegas, New York, Chicago, Beverly Hills, San Diego, Laguna Beach and Tampa. The art of Janesko has gained exposure to a wider audience through features in many magazines. These include magazines devoted to airbrush art including Airbrush, Airbrush Action and Airbrush Art + Action. B-movie queen magazines Scream Queens and Femme Fatales have run articles on Jennifer's work.

A life long dream was recently realized with her work being published in the June 1998 issue of Playboy, with a follow-up appearance in March 2000. European magazines Skin Two (England) and Desire (Germany) have allowed people outside of the U.S. the opportunity to experience Jennifer's work as well. Several publishers have made posters and limited edition prints of Janesko art.

Jennifer is now publishing her own work in the form of limited edition Giclée prints and high quality posters. Other publishing efforts taking place include the Janesko calendar, printed by RML Calendars, and trading cards from Comic Images. Riding the wave of success from the 1998, 1999 and 2000 calendars, the 2001 Janesko calendar is in the works. In addition to being featured in several trading card sets with other artists, Jennifer Janesko Premiere Pinups was released in the summer of 1998. Another Comic Images card set, Jennifer Janesko Limited Edition, was released in May 1999. Jennifer's art has also been captured on film. Gary Marshall's 1994 film, "Exit to Eden" features Janesko paintings in several scenes. Also, Jennifer has created a video retrospective of pieces she painted from 1990 through 1996. Finally, Jennifer has jumped on the Internet with her own web site. The site features recent works, products for sale and updated news and information about the artist. Visit Jennifer online at