Pin-Up Links

Before you voyage forth and expand your appreciation of classic pin-up art, why not add 'The Hunger Site' to your bookmarks? With just a daily click of your mouse you can donate, for free, food for the hungry around the world.


The Great American Pin-Up - Associated with the great art book written by Louis K. Meisel and Charles G. Martignette. Cheesy music, a paucity of information and images. Do yourself a favor and buy the book!

The Pin-Up Files - A great pin-up site and leader of the Pin-Up Webring. There are more artists than appear in the gallery listing, so use the search function on the home page.

Artist Specific:

Gil Elvgren - Excellent reference on Gil, including a comprehensive, historical biography.

Some nice contemporary prints can be bought at spiderwebart, especially Greg Hildebrandt and Dave Stevens.

San Francisco Art Exchange - They sell some Vargas originals and Memorabilia. Some nice early works and brief biographical notes.


ImageNETion Chock full of images, including pin-up, sci-fi and fantasy.

Recommended Material:

NY Times Article: 'Is It Art?'

The Art and Life of Gil Elvgren by Charles G. Martignette

University of Kansas Essays on Vargas

Sanatized autobiography by Earl Moran

Funny, irreverant article on Frahm's 'Panties Falling Down' series

I had my pin-up information published by the The Everything To Do With Sex Magazine. Also in Southeastern Antiquing Magazine!