Milo Manara

Milo Manara is one of the few comix artists who manages to make erotic comics and still succeed in keeping a reputation as a genuine artist. Especially in his serial, "Giuseppe Bergman" - a combination of experimental narrative and explicit sex. Manara is known to be interested in painting in general and the classical painters like Rafal in specific. As a boy he even ran away from home to see an exhibition of the painter Giorgio di Chirico. He became interested in comix in the late sixties. His first works appear in magazines like Terror, Telerompo, Corriere dei ragazzi, and the French magazines Alter-Linus and Charlie Mensuel.

Then in 1978 he starts with Giuseppe Bergman. This is first serialized in the legendary Casterman auteur comix magazine (A Suivre). Manara's book D├ęclic (1983) is notorious for its subject - a woman transforms into a nymphomaniac when a button is pushed. With Hugo Pratt, for whom Manara has great respect, he creates L'*t, Indien and El Gaucho. Manara also works with one of his other heroes, Federico Fellinni, on the book Voyage a Tulum. Manara's latest comic is the fifth Giuseppe Bergman story "Revoir les Etoiles" (1998).

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