Frank Miller

A native of Montpelier, Vermont, Frank Miller became a professional comics artist while still a teenager, in 1977. Working on a variety of assignments for major publishers, including Gold Key, DC and Marvel, he first drew attention to his work on two issues of Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man, in a story that teamed the ever-popular arachnid with another popular character, Daredevil. As a result of this assignment, a year later Frank was offered the regular pencilling slot on Daredevil's own book. Soon after, Miller took over the writing chores on the title, and during a run of several years, in collaboration with inker Klaus Janson, they attracted a steadily- growing number of fans. It was during this period that Frank created the ninja assassin-for-hire Elektra, one of the characters with whom he is most strongly associated and to whom, along with Daredevil, he still periodically returns.

During the early 1980s, Frank Miller attracted further attention as one of the first comics freelancers who braved the field outside the comfortable world of company-owned characters with the creation of Ronin, a futuristic high-tech samurai pop adventure. It was the first of many collaborations with his painter Lynn Varley. Since then, Miller has worked, either alone or with other collaborators, on a number of notable projects, including Batman: The Dark Knight Returns (which many credit with generating the popular momentum that character enjoys to this day), Batman: Year One (illustrated by David Mazzuchelli), Elektra: Assassin (illustrated by Bill Sienkiewicz), Elektra Lives Again, and the recently completed miniseries Give Me Liberty (illustrated by Dave Gibbons) and Hard Boiled (illustrated by Geof Darrow).

In addition, Frank wrote the original story and screenplay for last summer's Robocop 2, as well as the third film in the series, now in post-production. Upcoming projects include several other movie projects.

Frank's current work is on Sin City, his first completely solo venture, which draws upon his love of film noir and pulp detective stories and is being serialized in the monthly Dark Horse Presents comics anthology.