Anna Nicole Smith

Anna Nicole Smith was born in 1967 in Mexia, a small place in Texas (USA). Her real name is Vickie Lynn Hogan. Her father had abandoned her, and she was shuttled between her mother and an aunt. With 17 she met Billy Smith (16) with whom she got married. In the same year (1984) her son Daniel was born.

Soon after Daniel's birth Vickie abandoned Billy and headed to Houston. A new life, a series of new names (she began performing on the club circuit under her childhood nickname of "Nikki" and another pseudonym, "Robin," before choosing the classier-sounding name "Anna Nicole") and thoughts of achieving an old dream - becoming the next Marilyn Monroe - began. As a child, she had learned many of Monroe's songs by heart. Like Vickie, Marilyn Monroe didn't know her father and grew up poor. Anna Nicole was obsessed with the idea that it was her destiny to be like Marilyn.

In Houston she was working as a dancer in Houston's topless joints, where the only portion of her anatomy that drew attention was her rear. It was so bounteously proportioned that some patrons nicknamed her "Sweet Cheeks." In one of these topless lounge she was discovered by a photographer. But she still wasn't good looking enough to become a well-known person. So Anna gave fate a helping hand by using her body to make some quick money and to become a star. She had several face operation and her bosom was filled up with silicon.

Her first public appearance was in October 1989. She was several times on the frontage of Playboy and in 1993 she was the playmate of the year. She also played in a movie: Naked Gun 33 1/3.

In 1994 she married with J. Howard Marshall, a 89-year-old wheelchair-bound billionaire. But after his dead in 1995 she didn't get a lot of money. The heirs claimed at the court that Marshall couldn't have been in full possession of his spirit when he married. And they got right. Anna "only" received about two millions.

In the last time she had some psychic problems so that she had to go to a clinic. She also implemented some new silicon pillows because the old ones bursted and last but not least she couldn't hold her weight. Now she does some advertising for a firm which sells clothes for chuppy people.

Bio courtesy CelebrityCD

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