George Quintana

There were three artists during the 1920s and 1930s whose pin-ups appeared primarily on the front covers of magazines rather than on calendars or other advertising products: Enoch Bolles, Peter Driben, and George Quintana. Although a great deal is known about Driben's career and life, and some information exists on Bolles, very few facts are known about George Quintana.

Quintana's pin-up art was first published in late 1933 on the front covers of the pulp magazine New York Nights, which continued to feature his work until 1937. The first full-sized pin-up magazine to carry his cover paintings was Movie Humor, which was modeled on Film Fun, the magazine that immortalized Bolles. Quintana's pin-ups appeared on the covers of Movie Humor from May 1934 until March 1938, when Driben replaced him as the primary cover artist. In 1935, two pulp pin-up magazines, Tempting Tales and Stolen Sweets, carried Quintana's work, as did another popular pulp, Ginger (from September 1935 to the end of 1939)

In February 1936, a different kind of Quintana pin-up image appeared on the cover of French Night Life. This keyhole-cutout, or silhouette, image was essentially identical in format to those Driben would make famous in the 1940s in Bob Harrison's pin-up magazines. Even later, Mel Ramos would parody this format in his series of Peekaboo Pop Art paintings (1964); for Ramos, however, the most immediate inspiration was an Elvgren Mutoscope Card, which served as an artistic link to Driben and, through him, all the way back to Quintana.

Another full-size men's pin-up magazine that Quintana painted front cover pin-ups for was Movie Merry Go-Round. His work for that puplication appeared in 1937; the same year that Gay French magazine announced that he was the highest paid artist on their staff, earning more than $50,000. Quintana also worked for thye pulp title Hollywood French Life in 1937. The last full-size, nonpulp men's magazine for which there is a record of a Quintana front cover is the 1939 High Heel Annual, which was similar in content to Movie Humor and Movie Merry Go-Round.

George Quintana bio from 'The Great American Pin-Up