Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri

Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri was born in Venice. He began studying at the Fine Art Academy in Rome and became a pupil of Renato Guttuso. Serpieri took courses in painting and architecture. In 1966, he pursued a career in painting, achieving much acclaim from the critics. In 1975, he finally discovered comics. Together with writer Raffaele Ambrosio, he created a series of stories about the history of the West, published in the magazines Lancio Story and Skorpio. Some memorable titles are 'L'Indiana Bianca' and 'L'Uomo di Medicina'.

From 1980 on Paolo Serpieri worked on collections like 'L'Histoire du Far-West' and 'Découvrir la Bible', as well as short stories for magazines such as L'Eternauta, Il Fumetto and Orient-Express. In 1985, he created the saga of 'Druuna', of which many titles appeared through the 1990s: 'Morbus Gravis', 'Creatura', 'Carnivora', 'Mandragora', 'Aphrodisia', 'Obsession', 'Druuna X' and 'Croquis'. These erotic/galactic epics became a great success, selling more than a million issues in twelve languages. Serpieri's depiction of the well-endowed heroine has earned him the undisputed title of the "Master of the Ass".