In the Silver Age Superman comics, Supergirl was Superman's cousin, Kara from Argo City. Like him she had a red, yellow and blue uniform, a secret earthly identity and the same Kryptonian superpowers. Then, due to a rewriting of the Superman universe which took place during 1985 in a maxi-series known as the Crisis on Infinite Earths, this original Supergirl died in battle and history was changed so that Supergirl had never existed. In an attempt to return to Superman's roots, a new DC mandate was created when rewriting the Superman mythos, that stipulated Superman as the sole survivor of Krypton, with no relatives or superpets (they've since reintroduced Krypto the Superdog in spite of this). This led to obvious logistical problems when it came time to reintroduce Supergirl and other pre-rewrite characters back into the new continuity (and as one of the most popular DC superheroines, she had to come back!)

After the original Supergirl's heroic death in the Crisis on Infinite Earths, the multiple Earths were merged and many people who had existed previously no longer did in the new continuity. Some were remembered by those who survived the Crisis, but all memories of Supergirl were erased. Superman was once again the sole survivor of Krypton. There was no Supergirl in this universe. Yet her spirit lived on, perhaps to be reborn in another form.

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