William Tucci

William Tucci is the creative force behind Crusade Entertainment and its comic book character, Shi. Born on August 13, 1966, Tucci grew up on Long Island and graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. Tucci's first job after college was designing children's clothing for Macy's while doing freelance fashion illustration. At the same time, Tucci fulfilled a long-time dream of serving in the military. He joined the Army National Guard and spent two years in its elite airborne unit. All the while, Tucci had a story idea churning in his mind. In 1992, he left Macy's and began entertaining thoughts of becoming a comic book artist.

With no formal comic book training, Tucci set out showing his work to publishers, only to be rejected for not drawing in their "style." Determined to be his own man, Tucci ventured out into the volatile world of self-publishing, armed only with his talent and determiniation to tell his story. Crusade Entertainment was formed in 1994, and Shi #1 debuted shortly thereafter becoming an instant success.

It was Tucci's desire to see more female leading characters that led to the creation of Ana Ishikawa (a.k.a. Shi), a strong independent woman of 1990s America. Shi is the story of Ana's quest for vengence against Masahiro Arashi, the formera yakuza who killed her father and brother before her eyes when she was a little girl. Ana is heir to the "sohei", a secretive sect of Japanese warriors, far more deadly than legendary Ninja. She has been trained by her grandfather to be a living weapon, a razor sharp blade that will redeem the family's honor.

But Ana is more than a weapon. She is a complex, deeply passionate young woman who is torn between her code of honor and the forgiving way prescribed by her Christian faith, taught to her by her missionary mother. Ana is a product of mixed marriage and two very difficult cultural ideals rage within her, battling for her soul... and threatening to shake her resolve just when she needs it most.