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Several years ago, I fumbled around eBay, buying this and that until the fateful day I won this small cardboard pin-up called a Mutoscope card. You always remember your first, right? Well mine was 'A Run on Sugar' by Zoe Mozert and I was smitten.

Since they were immortalized in the 1940s, these girls might be over fifty, but the great art, compact size and finite catalog made them ripe for collecting. Not only are they a nifty hobby, but they represent a unique period in American history and their influence lives on.

"Mutoworld is a great site for anyone interested in the history of pinup art and I am honored to be included in its prestigious list of artists." ~ Baron von Lind

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As if you didn't know, sex sells. Many of the pictures on these cards were used on matchbooks, blotters, calendars and many other items. The Mutoscope, however, is defined only by the beauty of the models and the skill and imagination of the artist. They carry no advertising, just convey the thrill of ownership.

My girlfriend's convinced I was a pimp in a previous life, but actually I've always loved the old pinup art and burlesque mentality that 'less is more'. I find cheesecake innocent and fun. Perhaps you do too...


Mutoworld turns 6! Over 500 Paperback Original scans added to the gallery! New Comic Swimsuit Gallery. Additional Bill Ward pictures. Baron von Lind page! Earle Bergey Gallery.


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